2021 AusCycling NSW/ACT State Series 2 - Canberra BMX Club

Canberra BMX Club and AusCycling presents

2021 AusCycling NSW/ACT State Series 2 - Canberra BMX Club


15 Copland Dr, Melba ACT 2615


This event will be run under COVID-19 regulation set by the Australian Government as outlined within the Canberra BMX Club COVID-19 Safety management plan

*Have you returned from any overseas countries within the last 14 days?

*Have you been in close contact with anyone who has travelled from overseas within the last 14 days?  

*Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?

*Have you returned from Interstate hot spots within the last 14 days?

*Have you attended any of the reported case locations listed on the ACT Health Health website?  https://www.covid19.act.gov.au

*Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (to include fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing)?

There are no exceptions to this and you will need to confirm this in the QR code process upon your arrival to practice on Saturday afternoon and racing on Sunday verifying with the COVID Security for your unique wristband.

COVID 19 Event Management Plan:

Canberra BMX COVID19 Event management plan

COVID-19 Check In the CBR app

The Check In CBR app is a contactless, secure and convenient way for customers to sign into a Canberra venue.

Canberra BMX Club will be using the Check In CBR app to assist ACT Health with faster contact tracing.

Ahead of attending, please download the Check In CBR app and register your details. When you get to the track, there will be QR codes for you to scan, to complete the check-in.



For more information on the app and how it works, please go to https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/business-and-work/check-in-cbr

EntryRegistration (sign-on)

Entries close: 11.59 pm Sunday  

Late entries close: 11:59 pm Monday  

Late entry fee: extra $20 per rider

Registration (sign-on) is mandatory at AusCycling BMX events.

All riders must take their bikes to the transponder checking station to register for the event. 

Riders entered in 2 categories (i.e. 20" and 24" must take both bikes to register in both categories)

Parents, guardians must scan Sprocket licences at the transponder checking station.

Failure to do so means the rider will not be able to race.

It is the responsibility of the rider/parent/guardian to check all details are correct at the transponder checking station

Any amendments need to be made before 09:30 sharp on the day of racing at the score shed

Registration closes at 09:30, if you are going to be late you need to call or send a message to 0421362935

Transponders will be used at this event, all riders must have a transponder in order to be scored.

(Note: Sprockets are not scored and do not need a transponder)
Practice and racing

Open Practice (Sat)

  • 15:00 - 17:00 (Pre-paid Gate session only when event registering with Entry Boss)

Gates/Practice (Sun)

Event Centre Entry 0700am to allow sufficient COVID checking in time

  • 8-11s 0800 -08.30am
  • 17+ including Superclass 08:30 – 09.00am
  • 12 -16s including Jnr Superclass 09:00 – 09.25am
  • Sprockets 09.25- 09.50am

Racing (Sun)

  • 10:00 am sharp


15 Copland Dr, Melba ACT 2615


Race Format and Times are subject to change based on Public Health order updates set by the government

This technical guide is your point of reference for the event racing format and time changes

All riders are responsible to use equipment/clothing that complies with the Auscycling Technical Regulations: BMX 2021 for practice and racing.

Number plates must be used during practice and racing. (Please ensure you have the correct plate as detailed under section 3.02 page 9) 

Note: Only riders with International Elite Number (formerly known as the Permanent Career Number) can ride with white plate, black numbers in a Superclass event.

The fact that any non-compliance was not noticed earlier in an event or a previous event shall not constitute a defence.

The assumption that all riders have practised on the Saturday and Sunday is a warm-up only



Sprockets: 5, 6, 7 (no gender division)

Riding up


8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39 40-44, 45-49, 50+ 

Except at National Championships (CN), National Series (NS), and State Titles (ST), competitors may enter (ride up) above their racing age or ride the opposite gender class equal to or above (but not below) their own racing age. This includes age-on-day and year of birth racing.

Sprocket Rocket riders are ineligible to ride up into competitive categories. 


8-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-24, 25-29,30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45- 49, 50+ 

Junior Superclass





Male: 30+ (20")

Female: 30+ (Open Wheel)

Special categories

Competitors may also enter (or qualify for) any special categories that may be organised at the discretion of the club

Class merge

  1. Under-subscribed categories will be combined with an older category. However, categories with a maximum age of more than 34 (eg 35.-39) shall be combined with the next younger category. (Pinnacle age = 34 yrs)
  2. In the case that any under-subscribed category cannot be combined according to these rules, the race director will use his/her discretion to provide a suitable outcome for riders. If this is not possible then the category shall not be run.
  3. If the adequate numbers of riders are registered and confirmed during the rider’s confirmation, the category will be run even if fewer riders show up at the start.
  4. If an inadequate number of riders are confirmed during the rider’s confirmation, the category shall be combined as per these rules. 

2021 AC NSW/ACT BMX State Series


State and Territory series are a critical part of the BMX Competition Structure. These events also form a key component of the AusCycling BMX National Cup. 

The following are the standard regulations for all State and Territory series.   


  • The minimum qualification is the total number of State/Territory series rounds conducted in a season minus two (2) rounds (e.g. If there are 6 rounds a rider must participate in 4 rounds to qualify for final series awards). 
  • In order to be eligible for State/Territory series points: 
  • The rider must enter in their actual age and gender category; and 
  • The rider must be a primary member of a club in the State or Territory hosting the event.   
  • A rider can only pursue one State or Territory series in a season.  Riders are only eligible for the series in the State/Territory in which their primary club is situated (allocated) unless exempted by AusCycling as a result of relocation to a new State or Territory. Exemptions must be requested to the State or Territory GM of the new location. 
  • If eligible, riders may enter in Superclass (including Junior Superclass) or the Masters category and qualify for points in those categories. 

Note 1: State/Territory series events are open to any rider however, only riders from a primary club situated or allocated within the State/Territory holding the event will receive series points for that State/Territory. All riders will receive National Cup Points. In the case of NSW/ACT, the series rounds will be conducted together with one series standing.

Note 2: Nominated “border clubs” will be able to choose the State/Territory they will be allocated to, based on the best option for their members to participate. 

Series Points 

The awarding of points to the series will be based on the same scale used in the AusCycling BMX National Cup (Table 1). 

Table 1: Base Points – AusCycling BMX State and Territory Series 

Points Calculation 

State or Territory series points will be calculated by adding the highest attained points from each round based on the overall finishing place (rank) within each round multiplied by the value of the round.  

The maximum number of rounds where points can be used for the series calculation is equal to the number of rounds used for qualification. 

A State or Territory GM, at their discretion, may award double points for any regional round within the State/Territory Series. The double point allocation will not apply to the National Cup points. 


The following categories must be conducted within each State/Territory Series round and will be recognised accordingly in series points.  

In addition to the official categories the “Sprockets” category must also be offered although it will not be eligible for series wide awards. Other categories, as recognised by the AusCycling BMX Technical Regulations, can be offered at the discretion of the host club, but will not be included as part of the overall State/Territory Series or the AusCycling BMX National Cup. 

Riding Up 

For State/Territory Series rounds, competitors may move to certain categories. If riding up the rider will not receive series points however, the round will be included as a qualification round. Specifically, this can be done in accordance with the AusCycling Technical Regulations: 

  • Except at National Championships, National Cup and State/Territory Championships, competitors may enter (ride up) above their racing age or ride the opposite gender category equal to or above (but not below) their own racing age. This includes age-on-day and year of birth racing.  
  • A competitor in all categories other than participation categories (Novice, Sprockets and Mini Wheelers) may ride in any age category above their racing age up to the pinnacle category. Pinnacle category is the category with a maximum age of 34, categories above the age of 34 shall be combined with the next younger category. Participation categories are permitted to ride up within their category only. (e.g. Sprockets must stay in Sprockets and Novice must stay in the Novice Category). 

Merged Categories 

In the scenario where categories have been merged at an event (for whatever reason), points will be awarded to the rider as per the entered category of the rider. 

For example, if a rider is merged into a category and is placed third in that category but is the first finisher in their entered age category, they will receive first place points. 

Tie Break 

When competitors share the same number of total series points ties will be broken using the following method:  

  1. The competitor with the highest number of points earned, in a single event, that counts towards their series total, is awarded the better rank. 
  2. If still tied, the next highest points for each competitor are compared, and so on, until all events that contribute to their series total are exhausted. 
  3. If still tied, the riders will receive the same series placing.  
Fees / Awards

Class (min 4 riders)

Online entry fee




$2,000 plus payback minus rider levy*

Junior Superclass$40$500 prize pool plus payback minus rider levy*
Masters$401, 2, 3 pays double, all other awards pay the same as Age classes

Age / cruiser categories


Awards 1-8



Awards all riders

*Rider levy: $5.50

Note fees changed by the service provider

  • Online entry service fee
  • Merchant fee


Superclass / Masters / Age / Cruiser: 3 motos and finals

Sprockets: 4 motos (note: there is no gender division in Sprockets classes)

Racing conducted under Auscycling Technical Regulations: BMX 2021 2.03.02(a), 2.03.03(b) - State Series events

Pro sections in all sanctioned events to be traversed only by Superclass riders. The Pro-sections are mandatory for Superclass male riders and optional for Superclass female riders unless otherwise directed by the Chief Commissaire.

Riders wishing to enter into the Superclass category at AusCycling sanctioned events where an 8m/SX hill or pro straight is available will be required to show a competency certification prior to the commencement of racing

Junior Superclass will always ride the same straights as the Challenge categories

Participation class riders will be assisted by officials at the start to comply with Covid-19 Management plans (No Parents/Guardians are permitted on the start hill)

A protest may be filed by a rider through the Team Manager with the Chief Commissaire for the scoring of a rider. Protests can only be made on the results from the scoring medium showing the order in which the riders crossed the finish line, not the decisions of the commissaires panel that are noted in the results such as DNS (Did Not Start), DNF (Did Not Finish), REL (Relegated).


  • all riders (except Sprockets) must have a transponder.
  • it is a rider's responsibility to ensure the transponder is correctly affixed to their bike and is operational which includes subscription
  • in the event of a malfunction or loss of transponder, for any reason, the rider’s finishing position will be determined by the commissaires on a best endeavours basis If this is not possible the rider will be scored last.
  • any rider coming off the gate without a transponder or with a non-working transponder will be scored as DNF.

In all cases the decisions made by the Chief Commissaire are final


By entering this event I, for myself and for my heirs, personal representative and assign, do hereby release and forever discharge the controlling bodies, organisers, officials, members property owners, employees and any person, firm or corporation charged with the responsibility or liability from all or any claims, demands, cost expenses, loss of service and any other actions arising from any act or occurrence and particularly on account of ALL PERSONAL INJURY, DISABILITY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS OF KIND that I may hereafter sustain as a result of participation in any event, as a competitor or spectator conducted by any club or organisation affiliated with the official controlling bodies of BMX in New South Wales. I fully understand the nature of the activities to be conducted and acknowledge the hazards of the said activities. I voluntarily assume the risk of injury to my person, property and the property of others. In the event of any injury, I hereby give consent for proper medical treatment to be administered.

I, and those in my company, further agree to comply with and be bound by the Code of Behaviour as it relates to riders, parents, spectators and officials. I am also aware that any photographs, still or moving, that may be taken during the event may be published and used for publicity and promotional purposes.


>>>> Do not leave race entry to the last minute <<<<

Online entry

Enquiries (email only)

Online entered riders can be checked immediately in the Entered Riders list in EntryBoss

This can be found at the top right of the online entry page.

If the rider is not listed here then they are not entered.

For entry, enquiries contact the host club before the close of entries Christine – cbmx.director2@gmail.com

For EntryBoss online enquiries contact Auscycling NSW BMX - Colin - support@entryboss.cc

Note: No refund is made without a Medical Certificate/COVID-19 test result (max 1 week after the event)