2020 BMXNSW Racing Calendar

Hello Members and Clubs of BMXNSW,

The Board of BMXNSW are pleased to present the Racing Calendar and format for the 2020 Season.

Please take time to read all the information as somethings from 2019 have changed.

There is a PDF document and also an Excel document for Clubs to download and use for their Club Racing Calendar.

Sign On for 2020 Season

As we have been advising parents and riders for the past 5 events of the 2019 Season, sign on will be part of the 2020 Season. The process and reasoning has been advised many times to parents and riders and will be further outlined in a document to be release in the near future.

State Series

The series will comprise of 10 rounds.

All BMXNSW events in 2020 other than the BMXtreme Carnival and the State Championships and the Event after the National Series in NSW will be State Series Rounds.

All State Series Rounds will be on the Sunday with racing starting at 10.00am.

Qualification for winners and awards in all 20" and Cruisers classes from 8 years to Superclass will be as follows;

  • Minimum of 1 x Country Round must be entered and competed (a minimum of 1 x moto raced constitutes competing).

  • Best 6 x Rounds count towards the riders points total.

  • Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in their 20” actual age class to qualify for points and awards.

  • Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in their Cruiser actual age class to qualify for points and awards.

  • Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in the Masterclass to qualify for points and awards.

  • Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in the Superclass to qualify for points and awards.

  • Only rounds in gender, the actual age class, Superclass or Masterclass will count towards qualification for award in that class unless the age class has been merged at an event.

  • If the situation where an age class has been merged at an event, the points awarded to the rider from that event will be transferred to the running total for the actual age class of the rider and used towards qualification.

  • The top 3 riders in each age class for 20” and Cruiser will be awarded a Jersey, a finishing position memento Plate and a Dinner Invitation for the end of year State Dinner Awards Night.

  • Only 1 Invitation per rider for the State Dinner Awards Night (top 3 in multiple classes does not receive multiple invitations).

All events including the BMXtreme Carnival will be eligible for qualification for the BMXNSW State Championships.

Minimum qualification for the 2020 BMXNSW State Championships is 1 x Country round and 1 x City round. There is no minimum qualification for Sprockets or Superclass categories.

Pro Series

The Pro Series for the Superclass Men and Superclass Women that in the past has been a total accumulation of points over the Open Series Rounds, in 2020 will be a total accumulation of points over the 10 State Series Rounds. So, Superclass have 2 series within the State Series;

  • They have the State Series where the best 6 rounds count towards the awards and,
  • the Pro Series where all points over the 10 rounds accumulate towards the "Big Cheques" at the State Dinner Awards Night.

Tie Breaker

When competitors share the same number of Series Total points, tie breaking is performed:

  • The competitor with the highest number of points earned, in a single event, that counts towards their series total, is awarded the better rank.
  • If a tie remains, the next highest points for each competitor are compared, and so on, until all events that contribute to their series total are exhausted.
  • Competitors who still cannot be separated will share the same rank

BMXNSW National Series Weekend

We are requested by BMXA to run an event on the Sunday after the Saturday National Series Round in NSW. 

The format of the BMXNSW Sunday race we can work on at our end of year meeting. We could take the opportunity to try some different options that members have been requesting.

Our understanding is that the clubs in the running for the National Series Round are Maitland and Lake Macquarie.

VERY IMPORTANT - If it is not either of these 2 Clubs and the National Series Round Host Club comes is a Club who currently has a State Series round then the calendar may be changed to accommodate this. 

We thank you and hope the 2020 Season is as good as this year was.

Kind Regards,

Board of BMXNSW